The actions we have taken due to the
Covid-19 outbreak

The actions we have taken due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which is effective all over the world, are as follows. With our informative document posters in general usage areas, our Info channels and our mobile applications, we follow and implement the relevant information, circular and precaution practices about the COVID-19 virus published by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the ministries of Interior. We employ health personnel in our facility. It is responsible for maintaining follow-up and implementing our action plan starting from the check-in process.

In order to reduce the contact, it will be sufficient to install Onli ne C-in and our application to receive your requests faster. Working with an international professional firm consisting of experts in chemical products, we provide our staff with cross contamination and basic training. In line with these trainings, we always apply the guest room – common area cleaning procedures at the highest level.

Food production-storage-presentation processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 22000: 18 Food Safety Standards by our trained kitchen staff under the supervision of competent managers.

We re-planned our procurement processes by reviewing the stages with all our suppliers. We have made changes to keep the contact of our employees and guests to a minimum.

Food, water, surface and environment samples are taken twice a month for analysis by the accredited laboratory we work with. We interpret the analyzes according to the results and take our action plan.

Our facilities are routinely audited and reported by an independent audit consultancy company and an in-house quality team.

We carry out disinfection process in our rooms and common areas with ULV Pulvarization method. We ensure that all our textile materials are washed and ironed within the temperatures recommended by the Public Health Institution.

In our Fitness, Spa and Mini Club services, we maintain social distance by working with the reservation system and disinfect fitness equipment before and after use. In addition, we aimed to reduce the risk of transmission by moving the fitness service to the open area.

We increased our measures by meeting the health tourism certification criteria at the spa. We ensure that employees take protective measures, use hand disinfectant, and we also measure fever by sampling in the name of verification during working hours, as well as measuring fever every day when entering and leaving work.

We provide training to our employees by the workplace doctor and occupational safety specialist in line with the criteria set by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Our emergency action plans have been shared with all our employees.

In our technical services, the rate of disinfection in water is kept at the level determined by the official authorities. Water and pool equipment are routinely cleaned with filtration, UV devices and thermal and chemical agents. We regularly provide audits with our experienced manager and team.


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