NoxInn Hotels

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NoxInn Hotels aims to be an organization that attaches importance to guest satisfaction and food safety management systems.

NoxInn Deluxe Hotel;
To see guest satisfaction as the first priority,
To effectively handle complaints and feedback from personnel and other related parties, adhering to financial, operational and corporate conditions,
Respond to complaints in a timely manner
To minimize all risks that may endanger the health and life safety of guests and employees,
Working in harmony with employees and suppliers,
To increase employee competence and productivity by organizing trainings,
In accordance with food safety, to determine all food safety hazards that may occur in all processes from raw material supply to presentation, to take necessary precautions and to keep the records completely,
To follow the innovations required by technology,
It is committed to continuously improving the ISO 22000 and ISO 10002 management systems it has established.

The company develops and implements its procedures and processes to ensure compliance with this policy.

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