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As Noxinn Family;
Seeing guest satisfaction as a priority,

To deal effectively with complaints and feedback from our stakeholders, employees and other related parties by adhering to financial, operational and corporate conditions,

Respond to complaints in a timely manner
To minimize all risks that may endanger the health and life safety of guests and employees,
To increase employee competence and productivity by organizing trainings,

In accordance with food safety, to determine all food safety hazards that may occur in all processes from raw material supply to presentation, to take necessary precautions and to keep the records completely,

To follow the innovations required by technology,

Committed to continuously improving the ISO 22000 and ISO 10002 management systems it has established.


As Noxinn Deluxe, we are committed to continuously improving our energy usage performance, complying with environmental laws and regulations, helping our little friends’ shelters to ensure environmental awareness, raising awareness of our employees about environmental practices, and reducing waste at its source.

Our air conditioning system in our rooms does not work when the balcony door is open.
Energy Saver system available. Lighting turns off automatically after guests leave the room.

All windows in our rooms have a high degree of heat insulation and appropriate sound insulation according to our local climate. In addition, all glasses in our facility are special insulating glass that controls the permeability to prevent heat from entering in summer and reduce heat loss in winter.

Drip system in our garden; It is irrigated in a productive time period.

In accordance with the Law No. 5727 on the Prevention and Control of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products, smoking is not allowed in the closed areas of our facility. We support the environment and human health by creating smoke-free airspaces.

We raise awareness of our staff and take precautions about the necessity of using chemicals in correct quantities.
We separate solid wastes for recycling, thus preventing unnecessary energy consumption and production pollution.

We store hazardous wastes such as batteries, bulbs, toner, cartridges, machine oil, office electronic equipment in sealed areas that are fully compliant with the regulations of TMGD and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with a ventilation system and are designed with epoxy, and deliver them to licensed specialist organizations for disposal.

With the support of our environmental engineer, we create a waste management plan and ensure the recycling / recovery or disposal of waste in accordance with the legislation.


Awareness of Responsibility, Honesty, Respect for Human and Environment, Continuous learning and development focus and aim to continue with its employees who adopt these values in every step of the understanding of merit and Total Quality.


The World Health Organization defines child abuse as follows: “All behaviors that adversely affect the health, physical and psychosocial development of the child, and that are carried out intentionally or unintentionally by an adult, society or the state are child maltreatment.”

Legislations between Turkey and nations;
 Do not leave your children under the age of 0-12 alone in your room, elevator, pool and beach,
Do not leave the hotel and deliver your children to foreigners at the hotel,

Take delivery of your children to the mini club yourself and inform the mini club officer if they have any health problems or allergies and meet the special needs of your children yourself.
Not allowing your children under the age of 18 to drink alcohol,

To respect children’s rights,
Not to behave towards child negligence and abuse,
We request you, our esteemed guests and employees, to inform the management of people who act contrary to children’s rights and abuse.

In line with the complaints reported; Security and management will be informed and necessary legal procedures will be implemented.
In accordance with national and international laws regarding the protection of children’s rights, child abuse has penal sanctions and imprisonment.

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